Captain Rose


Gender Female
Species Human
Other Allies The Rose Rock, later temporarily Zack, Wiki, and The Sea Rabbits
Opponents Zack, Wiki, The Sea Rabbits, Barbaros

Rose is the leader of The Rose Rock, and is depicted as being spoiled to the core, usually getting what she wants. She is, at first, the main villain, becoming an ally later in the game. She loves treasure and make-up, especially her Million Zenny Rose Lip Brand Lipstick, which she always has with her. She has an airship and a pirate ship, which uses a propeller. It is shown that she dislikes the Sea Rabbits. She hates Jack more; it is never explained why. She hates Johnny, probably due to him being a member of the Sea Rabbits. Though she appears to hate Zack, it's possible that she doesn't, as seen when she becomes grief stricken when she thought he and his sidekick Wiki were dead. She says Zack's name only three times throughout the game and only says Wiki's name once. She usually refers to them as "Sea Rabbits". Rose also has a terrible temper, making her an unpopular character.