Chilleon is a powerful beast that you meet at the frozen temple. It is a rather complex boss fight involving using a lazer and mirrors to blast him three times, whial at the same time staying under cover to avoid his periodic frost breath, for which the level is named. Keep in mind that you only have 2 misses avalible before Wiki dies from being traped in Chilleon.

The first part of the fight is easy, just firing the lazer will be enough to damage him. Once you do however, the fight gets tougher. Chilleon then starts slaming the ground, shaking the whole tempel, and causing a large icicle to block the direct path to the cannon which you need to get the lazer beam to. At this point, you need to start using the mirrors that are created from the lion head fountains in the front of the stage when Chilleon uses his ice breath attack. be sure to be on the lazer firing pedistal, cause you'll be litterly frozen solid if you arn't. When he releaces his frost breath, keep in mind the spots that act similar to yours, cause those are safe too. you can also create a safe spot by placing a mirror in a pedistal. make sure it actually can block it though.

The second part just has you use the mirrors. nothing special. Keep in mind that only one side of the mirror will reflect. When you sucuessfully blast Chilleon again, you'll have the path you used blocked too, then one of two things will happen depending on the origonal level setting.

1. Nothing special will be required of you and you can just place mirrors to make another new path, or

2. Captain Rose will become frozen and you'll have to use her to complete the puzzel.

If senerio 2 is the case, you'll be able to find where you place her easily enough. When you sucuessfully blast Chilleon a third time, he'll be destroied, and you'll reclame Wiki. Then you can open the chest, get the treasure, and watch an interesting cut-scene.