Pit of Tragedy (Level #2 in Zack and Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure)
Level #2 in Area

"Pit of Tragedy" is the second stage of both the Jungle Ruins area, and the game Zack and Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure. It is a low complexity area that requires minimal thinking to complete

Solving the levelEdit

Getting into the ruinsEdit

To obtain the treasure, you must unlock the door. To do this, you need a key. You'll find the key up the staircase that's nearby. It will be on the snake pillar, and won't take long to find it. Unfortunately, you can't reach it without a tool. That tool is the Slither Gripper. To obtain the Slither Gripper, look for a pot, and try to break it. A snake will pop out, so ring wiki to itemize the snake. Go back to the snake pillar and use the Slither Gripper to grab the key. You'll need to pull several times to pull it out. Once you have the key, take it to the ruins and open the door.

Getting the treasureEdit

The treasure will be inside the ruins. If you try to obtain the treasure now, you will fall down the pit trap, and die. In order to prevent yourself from being killed, you need to fill the pit. In order to do this, you must obtain the Slither Gripper, and then pull the chain that is on the ceiling. The trap will be set off and a safe path will be made to get to the chest. Open it, and obtain the Elend Bracelet.


  • If you take the totem head found at the beginning of the level and run around the snake pillar, you will get one of Barbaros' treasures*
  • If you break all the rocks and pots in the level, you'll get one of Barbaros' treasures*
  • If you shake all of the trees, you'll get a golden bird. Ring your bell near him and he'll drop coins everywhere
  • Note that you must have completed the game to get this secret