The Goons

The Goons are the henchmen of The Rose Rock and have undying loyalty for Captain Rose . They all wear the same outfit.

Some have beards, some are shaved. The reason for thier loyalty twoards Rose is unknown though it is inferred that it has something to do with the scepter that she carries around. They will obey to anyone who holds the scepter, though listen to Rose no matter what. There are hundreds if not thousands of goons but Rose always has the Top 7 elite Goons at her side. The Goons weapons consist of hammers, swords, and pistols. They are incredibly strong and fast.

List of known Goons:

Goon#1 Map Specilist and Charter



Goon#4 The strongest Goon. Usually gets stuck with holding Roses shoping bags.

Goon#5 Gormet chef.


Goon#7 The #1 all around Goon.