The Sea Rabbits are a group of pirates. With the exception of Zack and Wiki, they are anthropomorphized rabbits who like the sea, and thus they adopted the name "Sea Rabbits". They usually are bothered by the Rose Rocks , a rival group of pirate who often want the same treasure as the Sea Rabbits.

Members of the Sea Rabbits:Edit

Captain HulkEdit

Captain Hulk is the leader of the Sea Rabbits, and to go on a mission, you need to talk with him to go.


Granny sells Oracle Dolls and Platinum Tickets, which allow players to get a hint about how to solve a puzzle or to undo a death so they don't have to redo a level. She also has an alter ego in the form of the Hint Oracle, who is the person who deals with the Dolls and Tickets. But don't tell her that you know, if you love your life.


Dimmy does nothing except for tell rumors to people, and pretending to gather treasure in his head.


Maddy is a pirate who goes many places, and for a small price he is willing to gather treasure for Zack.


Loafrey is a Sea Rabbit who sleeps whenever possible, but if asked, he will tell a pirate how a mechanism works.


Zack is the main character of Zack & Wiki, and he goes around the world, finding treasure that will help him to rebuild Barbaros.


Wiki is Zack's sidekick, and he has the ability to turn into a bell that has the magical ability to turn living creatures into items, and back.

Johnny StyleEdit

Johnny Style is the pilot of the Sea Rabbits, and guards Zack and Wiki almost as if they were his children.