Throughout the game Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure, Zack will find Totems and put them to use. Most bipedal enemies can be itemized and turned into totems. Goons, Growin' Goblins, Hench Mummies, even King Growl are just examples of the 10+ enemies that can be turned into totems.

Totem TableEdit

Creature Totem
The Rose Rock Goons Goon Totem
King Growl King Growl Totem
Zack Zack Totem

Rare TotemsEdit

  • Zack can be turned into a totem during the fight with Barbaros.
  • Captain Rose can be itemized and turned into a totem.
  • Barbaros can be turned into a totem durint the fight.

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